Effective marketing strategies and programs that ensure maximum and ongoing contact with potential buyers in addition to a large database of qualified local buyers we can contact immediately.

Exceptional selling, negotiation skills and procedures to find the best price. We are a vendors agent, focused on finding the buyers highest offer not our clients minimum price. We often achieve prices well above our clients expectations.

Co-operative effort of a large number of well trained and qualified sales consultants. We are not a marketing brand or franchise for independent agents who only work on their own listings. All our agents can sell your property and are offered a generous part of the fee if they have the right buyer. Most of our consultants have worked locally for an average of 15 years. It is a very stable business with a good culture and a number of very talented staff. All our sales staff will inspect your property prior to marketing.

A better experience - guidance and assistance through the sale process combined with good communication, honesty, actions and advice focussed on the best interests of our clients. Recommendation and repeat business is our biggest source of new business.

Security and Privacy - risk management and confidentiality are important to all of our clients.

Advice and assistance on repairs, improvements, and styling to improve value and saleability.