Caddie Dabaja


Caddie Dabaja's approach to real estate is underpinned by professionalism, quality service and unwavering commitment to her clients and strong faith in her team. 

With over 30 years dedicated solely to the real estate industry, Caddie is a devoted principal who prides herself in building long lasting relationships and strives to ensure that the property goals of her clients are achieved. 

Caddie inspires her team to provide a personalized real estate experience for clients & expresses the importance in being proactive. Her passion for growth in the business and industry is evident. She thrives on efficiency & regularly attends seminars to ensure she is on top of and adapting to the forever changing industry to continually provide exceptional service to Gilmour Property Agent's clients. 

Caddie displays all the characteristics of a successful leader, her integrity & work ethics are of the highest standard and her loyalty to her staff, clients and the overall business are admirable. 

“I understand the importance of maintaining the value of properties in our care whilst maximizing returns for our owners.” 

- Justice of the Peace (JP) for over 10 years 
- Working in the real estate industry since 1990

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